job interviews

i had a pretty weird job interview the other day. obviously not going to name the company, but they produce something called ear candles. for those of you that don’t know, ear candles are an ancient method of removing ear wax. it works like this, you stick a cone, made out of fabric dipped in wax into your ear, and light it on fire. as it burns down towards your flammable hair, it creates a vacuum that ‘sucks all the wax out of your ear. it’s a really great method to get a load of candle wax all inside your ear.

but yeah, the job interview went well, i spent and hour in a ‘tryout’, which means making a couple dozen candles, then they told me my schedule wouldn’t work with the company, handed me $12 and sent me on my way.

sounds like a great way to get an hour of labor without having to pay any FUTA