getting fat, then losing weight

alot of people are afraid of getting fat. which is a stupid thing to be afraid of. you should be afraid that the overhead light above your bed will short out sending a small spark onto your comforter, igniting it and burning you in your sleep.

but getting fat is nothing to be afraid of, all it really means is that you have the opportunity to lose weight, if you wanted to.

there is nothing that gets people more excited than someone losing weight, especially if that person is famous. people lose their shit when a celebrity drops a few pounds. look at mcconaughey, he was a pretty healthy weight to begin with, but after the machinist and dallas buyers club people lost their minds. (the machinist was actually christian bale, but that doesn’t really matter)

or chris pratt, that buy shed his beer belly and all of a sudden he’s a super hero. its incredible what losing weight can do for your image, both physically and pr wise.

and if you think this only applies to men, two words: jennifer hudson, dude.

i think the best example is jonah hill though. thats because when he lost weight the first time it was all anyone talked about. then he put the wight back on and no one gave a shit (and dont give us that “it was for a role” excuse, because war dogs would have done fine at the box office even if he had the body of steve buscemi). but then the dude lost the weight a second time, and everyone freaked out AGAIN.

what a great pr stunt it would be, a good way to stay relevant inbetween movies/projects

this being perhaps one of the most offensive posts i’ve written, but I think the message is weight fluctuation is nothing to get worked up about.