chinese food delivery guy

a weird thing happened yesterday. i met the dude who delivers me chinese food, outside of the normal circumstances. turns out we go to the same university, and we’re taking a class together.

at first i was pretty psyched, i’ve gotten pretty used to associating this guy with unhealthy servings of msg. but the more i thought about it, the more i realize i shouldn’t be friends with this guy. cause of tips.

when he was just a nameless dude who showed up 35 minutes after i called him with three servings of beef and broccoli, i didn’t have and issue with tipping the average amount. but now i know his name, and i’ve said more to him than “thanks for the food, drive safe or whatever”.

i miss my old relationship with chinese food dude. but now he’s bobby.

tipping delivery people is already stressful enough, because i don’t want to feel like an asshole, but i don’t know the correct amount. 20% sounds fine, but that only comes out to a couple of dollars when you think about it, and if there aren’t many orders that might not even cover gas.

and i don’t want bobby to think i’m cheap if i mess up the tip amount, plus now i have to feel bad every time i make him drive the two and a half blocks from my apartment to the restaurant, which is usually a two or three times a week (i’m trying to get fat, see previous post)