I don't want to be really rich. But I do want to have enough money to pay people to do all the boring things for me. That's the only part of being wealthy that really appeals to me (that and the money part). I think we've talked about this before (but we'll do it again, call it: ben ran out of ideas). There used to be a time where if you were rich and you wanted some poor dude to do all your chores for you, you had to go out and hire someone. But now they can do it straight from their gold plated iPhone 8+

 Because rich people don't have to do all of the boring things in life. If they want to go somewhere, they just pay some poor kid with an Uber car to drive them around. If they want some fast food, they use order up, and some random person will take the food straight to their front door (or to the front gate of their mansion complex, depends on whether or not they're a scientologist). I mean shit, you can even get people to do your grocery shopping done for you all from one little app. 

All I want is to be able to sit at home and make everyone else do everything for me, but instead I'm stuck on a Generic Task Rabbit App (that's the (not) real name) picking up groceries for my Econ professor. Which is weird, because that's almost exactly what he said would happen to me if I failed out class (I mean when I failed out of his class).