one year

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of timid dimwit. Our first website was pretty shitty, and we moved to this one in August, which means that alot of the first posts got left behind. So here you go, this is the first Timid Dimwit post, written 366 days ago:


the start

May 2nd 2016


Not exactly sure how to start off.

Have you ever been in a time crunch? I challenge you to find one person that does not procrastinate. On a college campus its to a point that I hear friends and students talking about putting off studying for finals or finishing that essay to do things that are also work. These are people who instead of cranking out the hour of studying that they need to do they are electing to pick up extra shifts at work, do crafts for resident director requirements, starting a binge session of that ‘short’ netflix series that only has 6 seasons.

Instead of doing the essay that has been hanging over my head since February, I actually moved all of the furniture form my dorm room to vacuum and clean the entire room. What college student in their right mind would clean their dorm room for three hours  instead of writing for 45 minutes to you know, pass a class I’ve my parents paid hundreds  thousands of dollars for.

Do you think that people like Brad Pitt ever put off work when he was in college. For some reason I can’t picture someone who is so successful having that human flaw of not getting done what they need to. I’m not joking close your eyes and try to imagine Matt Damon not doing a research paper and playing clash of clans on his phone instead. I mean after all Will Hunting was a damn genius, there is no way in hell he organized his DVD collection instead of reviewing a book for BIO 101.

If you are currently a student than I’m sure you’ve had a professor or two or five tell you not to put off work for this last week, or not to cram the night before a final because you watch Seinfeld on Hulu every night for the last 14 something weeks. But who listens to people like that? But if George Clooney came up to you and said that you need to study more you’d

sorry I went to change my twitter cover photo and lost that train of thought, let me try to pick that back up

If there was a PSA from Robert Downey Jr (huh, I accidentally chose the one actor that I can’t see actively doing work on time in college) telling students to be successful by doing work on time then that would be sort of effective. The Rock coming up to me and telling to stop procrastinating and go back to work there is no way in hell I would ignore that.

A PSA is definitely the way to go, there is nothing else going on in the world more important that we need teens to pay attention to (drinking and driving, texting and driving, anything with your phone and driving, seriously put the fucking phone down kid, drug use, climate change, starving kids in Africa while you use your extra meal swipe for the week to get an icecream cone). Maybe we can put it on the sidebar of facebook, or is that too dissonant.

Anyway, I have a psychology paper I need to write, and I only have a few hours left to do it, and I just wasted 550 words on this, plus googleing (spell czech)the names of different celebrities, hypocrite much?