super bowl 51

This post was pre-written.

Wow! What a fantastic game last night. Congratulations to the winning team. Not everyone thought that they would win, but they pulled through. Could you even believe that game winning touchdown/field goal/two point conversion? What a truly unique game. 

And don't even get me started on the commercials. Did you see that one adorable advertisement with the puppy/kitten/baby? It's commercials like that which make American television so perfect. I wasn't too happy with that one unintentionally racist/sexist/Republican ad, though. I know the phone/beer/snack company didn't mean to be so offensive, but they're going to face some significant backlash on social media for all that ad.

But of course, you can't write a Super Bowl post without mentioning the half time show. Lady Gaga's performance was not what many people expected from her. I was surprised when she did/didn't get political. 

Overall it was a great game for fans of the winning team everywhere. And it was a great game for the NFL, who undoubtedly made upwards of a quarter million dollars, money which certainly couldn't be better spent anywhere else.