the oscars

Now, I love singing and making fun of Trump as much as anyone, but last night's Oscars seemed a little bit forced to me. Maybe it's because it was hosted by the one late night host that no one actually watches. Maybe it was because all the commercails looked like what a grass roots campaign would be if it was paid for by Cadallic and Rolex. 

But I think the reason the Oscars were so off, is because we didn't have any great movies this year. 

And that's a strong accusation. I know what you're thinking, we had some okay movies in the last year, but nothing spectacular.

La La Land won best picture (spoiler alert?) which is fine, I'm sure it was alright. It was cute, but it's not exactly Spotlight. 

Shit, I didn't even watch the end of the show, and I'm just now learning that Moonlight won best picture. Leave it to Kimmel to fuck up the one award people care about (I'm not talking about best picture, I'm talking about Best Original Screenplay).

Seriously? Donald Trump won the presidentsy, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, and no one intervenes. But this is the vote that someone has to go back and correct?