I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm all for emergency vehicles. I love firetrucks. I love those police cars that have the tiny jail cell in the back (especially in cheesy action movies where the hero breaks out of the back of one). 
But fuck ambulances. Seriously.
I have nothing against EMTs and medical responders. I know that they're doing an important job and they're saving lives. I even like that TNT show "Sirens." But I can't stand ambulances. It's just the noise they make. 
Why do you have to be so loud about saving someone's life? Is it like how pharmacists stand on that raised floor, so they look more important than the rest of us? Or do you really think you need to scream down the road at 11:50 pm to help a guy who thinks's he's having a heart attack (don't worry, it's just acid reflux).
I get that it's a safety hazard to have a truck speeding down the road without a siren, but guess what; I do it all the time. 
If you want to blare sounds while in the middle of the night, at least make it something everyone can enjoy. Make your siren the "Hello from the other siiiideee" part of that Adele song.