SFNP. That's an acronym. It means 'Sorry for Not Posting'. Of course, I just now made that up. SFNP is a real acronym, though, and it means School Food and Nutrition Policy. Apparently, it also means  Sternes Fen Nature Preserve. Now I have no idea what that actually means (and I don't want to guess), but it highlights the big issue with acronyms, they don't really make a lot of sense. 
Some acronyms are just random jumbles of letters like HADCM3, which means Hadley Centre Coupled Climate Model. And NOBLESSE, which means Nonlinear Model-Based Analysis and Description of Images for Multimedia Applications (but I can understand why they would want to shorten that one). 
On the other hand, some acronyms are way too convenient, like the environmental organization on my campus, the student LEAF group, which stands for Student Leadership for Environmental Action Fund. That's an acronym they obviously came up with after. There is no way someone came up with 'Student Leadership for Environmental Action Fund' wrote it down and realized it spelled leaf. Like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, no politician came up with that and was surprised when it spelled out snap. They gave it a stupid name so they can make it a fun acronym later.
That's like me saying TIMIDDIMWIT stands for "Totally Interesting Morally Intelligent Daily Discussion In Modern Worldly Issues Today". You might be thinking, but wait
Okay, that's a shitty example, because I'm bad at making up acronyms, but it's not the point. 
Then there are acronyms like AAA, which actually means 218 different things. That's not a joke (and this isnt a comedy blog), AAA actually has 218 meaning, look it up.
The point is; just call things by their names. What's with all these acronym (or technically initial, I knew someone would point it out, so I might aswell admit to it) names for things? It's distracting. Just call things by their names. 

By the way, I posted an article on Medium to make up for a lack of posts here. It would really mean alot to me if you checked it out. It's called wipe that smile off your face kid, comedy is dead