Some things will never go out of style. Things like blue jeans, Chuck Taylors, and saying "Wasssup" everytime you enter a room. But other things got outdated fast, like myspace, tracksuits, Razr phones, and Farmville. 

Farmville was great when it first came out, all the fun of a family farm with none of the smell. It was ahead of its time. The most fun you could have in a social media game. For about a weekend, then it just got annoying as hell.

Yet somehow there are still people playing this godforsaken game. How do I know? Because they still invite me to play. Every day, for over half a decade...

Farmville launched in 2009, and your weird uncle has been playing it ever since. 

People still log into the game every day to harvest their wheat or whatever the fuck you did in that game, and for some reason they still want you to join in.

It doesn't bother me that people still play it (I still write this blog, which is equally useless) what bothers me is that I constantly have to see it. Achievements, invitations, status updates. Those things were exciting and new in middle school when we all started playing. But it's just weird now. 

At least Candy Crush had the decency to die out before it got this annoying (and no I won't send you extra lives, girl I sat next to in one class four years ago and never spoke to), but for some reason, people won't give up on their farms.

It's like the kid you went to high school with that still invites you over to play Settlers of Catan or Magic the Gathering, people need to let these things go. 

There are new social media games, play Pokemon Go or Super Mario Run (actually don't, because for some reason all people know how to do it bitch about those games). 

I'm fine with scrolling through pages of Facebook statuses of political views and fan pages for bands, and television shows that I don't understand. Because all that bullshit is still less annoying than my one pending notification saying my second cousin sent me a brick to use on my farm.