my to do list

i need to write a post this week. 

But that's not the only task I have on my agenda. So I thought instead of coming up with a clever post about some topical subject, I'll just share my to do list for the week:

  1. get groceries
  2. cash a paycheck
  3. write the next 10 pages of a screenplay
  4. clean the apartment
  5. do dishes
  6. try exercising
  7. try making some art
  8. giving up on trying to better myself
  9. vacuum
  10. throw away the rotten food in my fridge
  11. watch the news, atleast once
  12. post an angry facebook post about whatever happened on the news
  13. find the asshole who's been stealing my mail
  14. cancel the hulu membership I haven't used in 5 months
  15. re-write my resume
  16. catch up on The Mindy Project (now on hulu)
  17. homework
  18. get my shit together
  19. buy socks