I was watching paid programming pretty late last night instead of writing this post. And while I was watching these basically hour long commercials, one came on for DVDs that are supposed to teach you how to dance.

Now this seemed a little strange to me for a few reasons. First off, who still buys DVDs online or through television?

I mean, I don't even watch the DVDs that I own anymore. Infact, I don't think I even own a DVD player anymore. The most recent laptop that I bought doesn't even have a disc drive to read DVDs. And there are still people who buy new DVDs?

Why? You can get everything you need from so many other places. Even four years ago you could find anything that an infomercail sells on a DVD for free on YouTube. 

And that's not even the strangest part. Who wants to buy a DVD to teach them how to dance? Silly workout DVDs and useless cooking gadgets are one thing. But just a DVD to teach you how to dance along to pop songs? What sad people are buying these (apparently the same sad people that watch paid programming at 3 in the morning).