the new you

It's been two weeks  since the start of the New Year. By now you've probably learned that a diamond covered ball dropping in Time Square hasn't dramatically changed your life yet (there is a puberty joke in there, but I'm too lazy to write it).

You've given up on the 'new you' and that's okay. No one blames you for it. You're always going to be who you are. You shouldn't expect to change every year just because we have a new calendar.   

I know I've talked about this before, so I'll change gears alittle bit.   

There are things about yourself that you should change. I know that I don't know you, but I'm sure these are thing that you need to improve on. You need to stop skipping YouTube ads after just five seconds. Watch all 15, your time isn't that valuable. You need to start eating all of the vegetables you get with your meal. I know you all get veggies on the side, then just cover your plate with a napkin so you don't have to eat then. Cut that shit out, be an adult and eat the six stalks of broccoli on your plate. We all know you didn't eat them, just do it. Stop sharing articles on Facebook. Jesus guys, just let people find things on the Internet themselves. You're not a literary connoisseur, no one cares what your read (unless it's this blog, then share away)