I like to think of myself as a person who can survival difficult situations. I mean I'm not going to go into the woods for a year and live off of the land hunting and gathering. But I can survive a weekend camping trip without my cell phone. 
But the truth is, I'm not someone who can go out and survive. I wouldn't last as long as Glenn on the Walking Dead; you know what I mean (I'm not caught up on the new season, no spoilers please). 
If you think about it, not a lot of people (in America at least) would be able to survive the hardships that people throughout history faced. 
The Israelites traveled through the desert for years. Walking all day in the heat. Traveling through harsh conditions. Breathing in the desert air. I can't even sleep peacefully through the night without having a humidifier. 
It's sad, but it's true. That example is thousands of years ago, but I have a tremendous amount of difficulty in my daily life doing things that were common place for everyone around the world even a couple centuries ago. Kids were walking 2 or 3 miles to school every day, while I skip classes because I don't want to head over to the other side of campus. Kids worked back then. Like kids around the age of 10 had real jobs. I'm almost 20, and I don't have a real job. 
And the life expectancy is so short, I'd be halfway dead by now.