My New Year's resolution is to make fewer typos on this blog. It's unprofesinle and can be distrakting for the reeders. Serusly, how do peeple wead things with bad speling and grammer?

Obviously that's a joke. Because New Year resolutions are complete bull. We spend so much of our year justifying the decisions we make and defending our bad habits. We tell ourselves that we're perfect just the way we are. Then at the end of the year we're supposed to make a list of all the things we think we do wrong and then we have to fix ourselves? 

If you don't like something about yourself then fix it on October or April, don't just put it off until the end of the year. And who actually keeps these resolutions they set?

I want to lose weight this year. Great, that's good for you, then do it. Don't go around telling everyone about it. You might be thinking "but Ben, telling other people helps to keep you accountable", but that's bull too. You can go around and tell everyone you know what your goals for this year are. But they aren't going to do anything to stop you if you break those goals. 

You have to have an insanely inflated ego to think that the people around you care enough to stop you breaking your resolutions. And it's not a bad thing, we like to think that the people around us think about us as much as we think about ourselves. But it's not really true.

Plus your resolution should be more private than that. Say I wanted to try and be a nicer person in 2017. Have a more positive outlook, be kinder to people (which I absolutly don't, that sounds awful, are you kidding me?). That's something that I would keep to myself, I wouldn't want to tell people which parts of me I don't like, thus wanted to change. 

Self deprication should only be used in comedy.