MLK day

Today is a day that a lot of people have off. It's a holiday, but not one of the holidays where you gather with you family and shoot fireworks (like the 4th of July) or look for colored eggs (like Easter) or celebrate a zombie (like Easter). It's one of the holidays where you don't go to work or any of your classes and you just, stay home I guess?

We as Americans like celebrating birthdays. Whether it's our own birthday, the birthday of a famous civil rights leader, or of one of our favorite presidents, or even the birthday of the aforementioned zombie.

Today is just another one of those birthday celebrations. But it's not like we're going to have a party with cake and colorful pointy hats. So how can we celebrate this holiday?

The way I'd want you to observe this holiday is by reflecting on the messages of the aforementioned civil rights leader (and maybe throw in some quotes from the aforementioned zombie, the civil rights leader was a fan of his too) and the legacy that he had on not only his era but our own. 

I would want you to focus on messages of nonviolence, because right now our is heated, and there are sparks of violence everywhere. Remember the legacy of a man who preached nonviolence even when violent threats were made against him and his family.

I would say you should take a day to reflect on our nation's issues, and how we can use our troubled (the proper work for 'fucked up') to find inspiration on how to deal with the problems that we're facing now.

But more importantly. I would want you to take this day that you get off of work, or classes, to sit down, go to your computer, and read this blog for like an hour or two. Yeah actually you only really need to do that last thing, that's the only part I'm worried about honestly. Hell, even check out our new video (very very shameful plug, I'm deeply sorry).

But seriously, enjoy your day off, have fun and unwind. But at least remember this isn't just a fun third day of your weekend. Someone worked their whole life fighting for something they thought was right and ended up dying for it (I could be talking about the civil rights leader or the zombie at this point). Keep that in mind as you roll out of bed at 11:45 and binge watch the new episodes of Sherlock