superbowl predictions

The Superbowl is less than a month away. 

Not a lot of people have submitted their super bowl predictions. So here are mine.

  • Lady Gaga will fuck up (right out of the gate with that one, I got nothing against Gaga, but something will go wrong)
  • The Broncos fans here in Colorado will be really bitter
  • Kids in India are going to get new football jerseys
  • The minute you leave to use the restroom a game changing play will happen
  • You'll run out of dip early. How hard is it to by the right amount of dip? This is why we aren't having the party at Kyle's apartment next year.
  • 50 disgusting dudes are going to touch that perfectly shiny trophy until it's ruined
  • Kyle will accidentally change the channel and we'll miss the one good commercial
  • Kyle will try to pull the commercial up on Youtube, but it's not there yet. People are hungry,  and there is no more dip and the wings are running out fast
  • People will really start to get angry now. The food will be gone, Kyle will be getting really passive aggressive, but it's obvious that everyone in the room is mad at him
  • Kyle will leave the living room, hell be in his bedroom watching the game on his laptop. His girlfriend will be sitting in the corner, she wont even be talking to him anymore. We will think he struck her.
  • Everyone will leave, Kyle will beg you to stay,  but you'll just drive home, you cant find the game on any radio station, how is that possible
  • The next day you get to the office and everyone is talking about tat one good commercial. You still haven't seen it


Well those are my predictions. I'm actually really excited about the game. I'll be watching it at my friend Kyle's place.