not talking about politics

I don't like to make jokes about politics.

I do it, all the time because it's easy. But I don't enjoy it.

More than that, I don't enjoy making fun of Donald Trump. Mostly because every other comedian in america, and most of them from around the world are already doing that. It's easy, the jokes write themselves. And it's overdone, you've probably seen a dozen Trump jokes before you even clicked on this link.

I don't like jokes at Trumps expense because I fell like these politcal comedians gave Trump so much attention they practically handed him votes. I know they didn't mean to, but some people can't understand sarcasm or satire (or SNL sketches)

But sometimes you have to make an exception, and last night we comedians found ourselves in a sort of paradise. The perfect joke fell right into our laps. Like a gift from the sky, a golden ... rain if you will.

Now you've all seen these jokes, this post will be published hours after the whole thing stopped being funny. But I had to write this post to mention that this might be the only time in our lives when we can be politcally relevant, topical, and make urine puns at the same time. 

Maybe Trump is the president we need. This will surely be the first of many viral jokes at his expense. The SNL crew does a great job covering him. He'll give relevancy back to shows like The Daily Show, Full Frontal, and Last Week Tonight, which suffered after years of kinda boring politics. 

I have high hopes for the comedy that will be born in the next four years. Low expectations, very low, but high hopes