When it comes to shopping there is a right way and a wrong way. 

Whenever I need new clothes or shoes I go to the store and buy whatever I need. And if I don't need it, I won't buy it.

Apparently, in this ass-backwards world we live in, that's the wrong way. Now if you read my post about fashion last week it shouldn't surprise you that I'm no expert on how to shop, but luckily I've been shown the error in my ways.

See, the right way to shop is to just buy whatever you think you might need.

Chino Shorts? Sure, even if it's 50 degrees out now, you'll need them soon.

New Blazer? Of course, you only have two right now, and you wear blazers often, almost once a month.

Sunglasses? Yes Dude, the six pairs you have isn't enough, plus it's September, what if this overcast goes away?

2 pack of finger-less gloves? You know those are coming back into style

White dress shoes? What if you get invited to a formal event, a white tie shindig, a gala or sorts?

This method of shopping is fine, if you have the money to spend (or a high credit limit, can someone explain credit cards to me sometime?). But there has to be a better way. What if we could go out shopping, not just for what we need right now, but for other things that we want, but we were able to maintain some impulse control. We could go to the store, or logon to our favourite shopping site, and pick out a moderately priced shopping cart, full of a sensible mix of our wants and needs. We would have all the clothes we need, we would be prepared for any formal events or drastic changes in weather, plus a shiny new sense of self control