All of us have a dream. A goal that they want to reach. Something that they think will make the work they put in their whole life worth it.  Some of  us want to be famous, some want to be rich, and lame people just want to be surrounded by the ones that they love.

I don't want to be famous, or rich, or any of that boring other shit. I just want to be able to inspire someone. It only has to be one person. I just want to eventually do something that will reach one child and inspire them. Something that changes the way they see the world and how they live their life. I want them to start base a small part of their life on an ideology that they derive from my influence on them. I want them to take that part of their outlook and build a great life around it, which leads them to their own goal, fame, riches, and a wonderful family life.

Then in twenty or thirty years I want them to hear about the scandal.

I don't know what the scandal will be, spousal abuse, sexual misconduct, racism, tax evasion, a string of murdered hotel maids across the nation. You know how those things work, every celebrity has one at some point.

I want the news of the scandal to shake the lives of this person I inspired. I want them to have to rethink their entire outlook on life. How could they base their ideology on someone who committed such awful deeds like I did. They will spend nights awake wondering if their whole life is rooted in lies and deception. 

Two or three years after the scandal breaks, and after I've stepped up and admitted it was true I want the person to still be questioning their life, event though they've moved on and rebuilt their life.

I want there to still be a little bit of doubt.


Yeah, but if I had to choose another wish, winning the lottery would be cool too.

Actually scratch all that other junk, I'll just take the lotto money.