antenna balls

There is something that has been bothering me lately, and I really need to get it out there. Right? So I apologize for getting into this rant, but it has to be said. 

Cars don't have antennas anymore. Have you noticed that? And it's a weird thing, because we still get radio, if we don't need antennas then why did we bother putting them on old cars to begin with. I get that technology changes and all that, but an antenna is a metal rod, we haven't that much. Some asshole engineer just put the antenna on top of the car and laughed for 20 years while we drove around like idiots with a pole sticking out the top of our station wagons and vw bugs. 

It's a really shit thing for a company to do too, taking away our antennas. They're just taking away one more piece of the car for us to break. 

What am I going to snap off or bend when I go through a car wash now? How dare they?

But this really bothers me. It makes me worry about us. Not only you and me, but our next generation. What will my children get me for fathers day now. 

Shitty 3$ antenna balls that looked like roswell style aliens were the go to father's day gift. 

It's like these car companies don't care about the future or these next generations.

Plus all that bit about lying on emissions testing, refusing to make more efficient vehicles because it will cost more, and all cutting corners during production risking thousands of lives. But this antenna bit is the part that's really bothering me.