address books

I was having a conversation last week, and the guy I was talking to said a joke about not knowing somebody's number and having to check his address book.

But this got me thinking, who still uses an address book? Seriously though, it's one of those things that has been totally replaced by smart phones. Everyone talks about how smart phones have taken the place of yellow pages and white pages, but there is so much more that has been replaced too.

When was the last time you've used a cookbook? Shit when was the last time you cooked your own meal. I don't cook very often, but when I do I just look up recipies on my phone (how the fuck do I still not know how to pasta and meatballs). I live in a house with a whole bookshelf full of recipie books, and notebooks of hand written recipies, but will I ever use one? God no.

What about desktop calanders? The mall still has calander shops, so they aren't totally extinct, but who actually uses them? I've had calanders because I like the pictures, maybe they are jokes, maybe they are dilbert strips, maybe nice landscapes, but I have never had a calander filled with all my appointments like my phone's calander is.

You know who got the worst of it though, the calculator bussiness. They've been royaly screwed over by these phones. No more having a calculator in every desk drawer, in every purse, and every backpack. Remeber how cool those things were? They had calculators that looked like dinosaurs, calculators for every kids show or new childrens book series. I had a calculator whose lid flipped around and made the calculator 'stand up'.

There is one refuge for all these things that teens and adults don't buy anymore. It's children too young to have a smart phone (who happen to also be too young to need addressbooks, cookbooks, calanders or calculators). I remeber getting a tiny address book in first grade and having only one phone number to write in there. It was the phone number of a girl in my class, which I got from the white pages. That's the kind of thing kids should be able to do.