the end of finals week


It's Friday. Finals are over, we all survived, except for that game of thrones actor, and the astronaut, but neither of them had taken a final exam for over 70 years, so I think they were focused on other things. 

If you still have finals to take today; that really sucks. Hell, I'm already back to my home town for the holidays.  When you're reading this getting ready to take tests and start packing, I'll be sleeping in and watching Netflix on the couch. 

I know it's totally by random chance that some people get done with finals sooner than others, but I still feel pretty superior about it.  

So if you're not quite done yet don't worry,  because by Sunday you'll be in the same boat I am. Unless you haven't even started finals yet and you start next week, in which case  (once again) that really sucks. 

And again, if you're not in college and you're still reading this; stop. It's weird at this point, because we've established that this week is about college and stuff. But don't worry, I'll write about taking out a second mortgage or going bald (a legitimate fear of mine).