this monday

I'm writing this post at 11.05 my time on Sunday night. I'm currently sitting in a room with 5 of my friends, and four strangers. It's the lounge of my dorm building, and everyone in here is diligently studying for their finals tomorrow (well, atleast 3 of us are doing other things, like writing blog posts or aimlessly browsing the internet, but you get the point).

This is the beginning of finals week. Last week I talked about how finals week is way easier than dead week, and how starting Monday morning the energy kicks in and people start the actual work. But I'm not feeling that right now (to be fair it's still Sunday for 55 minutes, well now its only 50 minutes, but still).

I've been actively avoiding studying. It's like what I talked about on last Monday's post, it's easy to set goals for what you want to get done, but hard to keep them. Instead I've read a book, download 10 other books, designed a new coverpage for this site, and started this blog post.

But let's talk about what this Monday means for all of us that have finals this week, or maybe yours are coming up in the next few weeks.

It's stressful. It's stressful the week before. It's stressful the night before. It's stressful when you wake up, and when it's an hour before the tests start. 

But then it's not. It's like when you're about to start kindergarten. Your parents are driving you to school, and you're all upset, afraid of starting the first day of the weird new thing. Then you get there and your teacher gives you candy, and you and your new friends learn about shapes and shit for a few hours. 

Okay, so finals isn't exactly like that, but it's close enough. We're all worried about what's going to happen, then we get there and it's honestly no big deal. 

That's right, you freaking out right now about finals is the equivalent of you crying on the first day of kindergarten.

Pretend I wrote that in a nice way. 

If you're in college, you're obviously smart enough to pass your finals. Unless you skipped tons of classes and shit, in which case that's your own fault. And if you're not in college then why are you still reading this. This obviously isnt for you. I write about a ton of things, vending machines, the EAGLES, tuna sandwiches, go read one of those...

Good luck. (go bears)