It's here everyone. 2016 is over. Well for this blog it is. That's what happens when your major winter holidays are all on weekends. That one is on you too 2016!

2016 was rough for everyone. We lost a lot of great people. We elected a sweet potato to lead our country (sweet potato as in yam, not a potato that's a kind person. More like a bitter yam). We lost a lot at the Olympics (maybe, I didn't pay much attention, but people seem upset about the outcome). The cubs won the world series, which isn't necicarilly bad, but it was pretty strange. The Eagles went 6-9 (which isn't new to 2016, but it still sucked). Those last three were just sports things (trying to prove my masculinity).

It wasn't just us in America too, alot of countries had a rough time. Great Britian did something weird, I don't understand it, but I'm pretty sure they pushed their country away from the rest of europe, maybe with a big paddle or something. The value of the peso went down. You might not have heard about that one because you probably don't give a shit about the value of the peso, but it still happened.

It all started with the lost of David Bowe (famous for making that song with Queen that sounds like Ice Ice Baby, but isn't) . Then we lost Prince, the guy who played Chekov, then Gene Wilder, Robert Vaughn, and Alan Thicke. And right when you thought it was over, WHAM!, Carrie Fischer dies too. 

And it was sad, it wasn't funny, and I'm not trying to make jokes out of it. I mean three of the original Star Wars trilogy actors died this year. And they were all the cool ones, the ones we totally loved. Plus a real astronaut.

But 2016 wasn't all that bad. We got new $20 dollar bills, and.... well...

Okay, so maybe this was a rough year, but we can't blame it all on 2016. Because 2016 isn't a concious entity. It's just a title we gave to a cycle that our planet makes around the sun. 

 But we do need someone to blame. We need a scapegoat. So thanks for nothing Vincent D'Onofrio (he was great on that Law and Order show and Daredevil, but, c'mon, I have to blame someone don't I).