grocery stores

Yesterday we talked about space travel. Space travel would be cool and all, but  the tech advancement that I'm excited about is online grocery stores. You just buy all the foods you need online and they bring it to you that day. 

It's not that I really want to be able to buy all my food online, it's just that I hate grocery stores, and I'm not rich enough to pay someone to get my groceries for me (but I guess that's what roommates are for). 

It's not just grocery stores, I hate all shopping. But you just can't avoid having to go to grocery stores. Grocery and automobiles are the only things you still have leave your house to buy. I mean I can buy a gun online, and have it shipped to me, but I still have to drive to Safeway to get a zucchini. 

Grocery stores just seem outdated. Aisles and aisles of fruits, vegetables, canned meat, and sugary cereal. And they all try to make themselves look healthy. Every grocery store has a produce section decorated like a farmers market and a meet aisle that's made to look like a mom and pop butcher shop. Atleast be honest with us, if I wanted fresh food I wouldn't be at albertsons.

Would I steal a loaf of bread to feed my starving family? No, I'd steal a cook rotisserie chicken. They keep them right by the door. And people need more than bread to survive. Suck on that philosophy.