space travel

2016 is almost over. Finally. I thought it would never end (well, I mean I knew it would end, because I understand calendars and shit like that, but still). 2017 probably wont be a great year for politics, or television, or myself personally (just a guess, judging by how the past 19 have gone). But according to scientists and rich people like Musk, it could be a big year for space travel.

And alot of people are really excited for space travel. Which I don't understand. I think it sounds awful.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Ben, how could you say that, don't you want to be able to go to a space port and travel to other planets whenever you want". No, I don't (Also I don't have a valid passport, so would I not be able to get on a flight to the moon?). Have you ever been to an airport? It's the worst experience. You have to stand in line to get your tickets, stand in line to check you baggage, stand in line to get groped or radiated by the TSA, stand in line to get on a plane. And that's just to fly from Denver to Dallas. Can you imagine how bad the spaceport experience would be to get from Earth to Mars? 

Why are all of these smart people obsessed with getting to some other planet anyway? Do they know something that we don't? Aren't there enough problems here for all these people to work on.

"Hey Elon, what can we do to stop world hunger or cure cancer"
"Good question, I'm actually pretty preoccupied with this Mars thing though, so..."

Seriously I've seen Mission to Mars and it's strange sequel The Martian, you can keep your ticket to the red planet, I'll stick with road trips to Moab, it's the same scenery anyway.