Christmas is great. Even though we've lost the true meaning of the holiday. Even though corporate America has turned it into a season of frenzied buying that has not only destroyed the holiday but also undermined Thanksgiving. Even though we celebrate it during the wrong time of the year. And even though it's filled with the most obnoxious music on earth, where popstars sing the same 5 songs over and over until our ears bleed (atleast the rest of the year they pretend to make new songs).

But Christmas is great, everyone thinks so. Enjoy the holiday season, and enjoy the time off work you might get, or the time off school you have. And remember, after this weekend we only have 6 days left of this horrible year. 

So Merry Christmas.


And if you don't celebrate Christmas, don't come complaining to me about this post like last time. You saw the title, you didn't have to read this.