the holidays

I don't like starting to talk about Christmas early. But apparently we're only a few days out, and since I don't write on weekends, I guess it's time to start talking about Christmas.

We're going back to basics today. Let's talk about the holidays when you're in college. 

The holidays are a weird time, because for most of us, we leave campus and go home for a while, for some of us it's a month, for some of us it's just a week or even just a couple of days.

And man it is weird. Holidays are always strange. People are so happy, and stresses and miserable (somehow at the same time). And these holidays will be worse. Because no matter what gathering you go to, family, friends, office holiday parties; things are going to get strange. 

Social gathering always dissolve into arguments over things like politics or world news (or the weird shit that the Kardashians are doing now). But right now everyone is talking about all of those things already, so I'm sure we're all in store for some awkward dinner parties. And it's something we can't avoid, even the tonight show has a segment where they joke about not telling political jokes. 

I'm not saying this 2016 election is going to ruin the holidays, because trust me, they've already been ruined. And we'll talk about that tomorrow (maybe), because I have some last minute shopping to do.