We're what, 4 days out from Christmas now? 

I'll be honest with you I haven't given the coming holiday much thought, and now it's almost here. Whatever. This holiday is about one thing, giving and receiving gifts. And the birth of Christ or whatever, so I guess two things. You don't see any Target commercials about the son of God, so I ask you, what is the holiday REALLY about at this point. 

But that's discussion for another day (to be had by someone who isn't me, because, why would I care). Today we're talking about gifts. Some people love giving gifts. Some people only really love receiving gifts. Some people don't really enjoy either. 

Honestly it seems like all this emphasis we put on gift giving this time of year is really just calls for attention. I understand wanting to get people you care about gifts every once and a while, but why do we have to do it now, at Christmas. I totally agree we should give gifts to children. Children need that attention. But grown adults? Why do we need to give gifts too. Don't get me wrong. I love attention, why else would I write these posts every day.

But I just don't get gift giving. I mean you put time into picking something out (or you don't, in which case why bother). Then you go out and you spend money, or take time making a gift (because you think you're better than the rest of us). But remember, it's the thought that counts. 

That's enough attention I think. Knowing that someone took the time to think of a gift, even if they don't give you one. I would be fine if every Christmas, or birthday or whatever, people just exchanged little notes that had a gift written on it. Like 'hey ryan, I could have gotten you a rice maker' and if you're Ryan you're thinking, 'wow, I would have loved a rice maker, thanks dude'. There you go, there's a free alternative to gift giving. But I'm pretty sure if you try it, you're not going to be invited to the Christmas party next year.

That being said, if you want to send me expensive things. I would be more than okay with that.