the internet

I'm attacking the internet this week. I didn't mean to. But it happened (that happens to be the tagline of an upcoming MTV show).

The internet is an amazing tool. It connects the whole world. We can stream, tweet, IM, and tag anyone in the world. And what do we do with this powerful tool? We upload pictures of cats and argue over shit like what color a dress is or which way a dancer is spinning.

You can use the internet to lock your house doors, turn your lights, or track your loved ones and friends (seriously, there's going to be a big news story about some psycho abusing the three of those soon). You can use the internet to get in contact with people from all around the world, and share new ideas with them. We could really learn alot of things by doing that. But we're too busy having flame wars over which heavy metal bands are too old to still be worth seeing live.

We have sites like reddit that could share news and important information faster than perhaps any other place on the internet. But as of right now their top post is that this guy's yearbook photo looks like Guy Fieri (I think, to be honest this post has me confused). 

I mean, the internet does tons of things right, and it's a lifesaving tool and all that. But I feel like we're still wasting it. Atleast I am. All I do is write a silly blog