I've been pretty anti-internet this week. But the internet has created alot of stupid shit. Emojis. Cat videos. Google street view. Yahoo answers. Kim Kardashian (not true, but technically true).  Tinder. Netflix (but I actually like this one). Communities that bring people together and save lives (this one is actually a good thing). Blogs (wait....)

Wait, what was the post supposed to be about? Oh yeah, podcasts. This is one of the things that the internet made that's actually pretty cool. Podcasts are like talk radio, but on the internet. And I know what you're thinking. And I know that sounds unbelievably boring, but somehow people have made it funny. 

There are podcasts about politics, economics, science, video games, sports, and even food. That's right, there are people out there that spend their whole day talking about food, recording it, then putting it on the internet. I mean jeez, atleast food bloggers have the option to operate under anonymity (which they should, no one cares what you think about your turkey sandwich, you're not Rachel Ray, (and even if you were we still wouldn't care(getting pretty deep into parenthesis hole now(help))). 

But the truth about podcasts is that (like all other forms of entertainment) people only care about the comedies. I hate to say it, but you really have to be funny to get people's attention (which is why no one reads this blog...). And there are some hilarious podcasts out there. Some of them are in the traditional radio show formats, some are more conversational, and there are some awkward ones where one person sits in a room telling half baked jokes to a microphone (think this blog, but you don't have to read. Shit, maybe I should turn this into a podcast). 

 So to end this post I'm going to give out three podcasts that you should try listening to, and three you should absolutely avoid. Don't confuse these lists.

Podcasts to Check Out

  1. If I Were You - advice (kinda)  from two comedians, with occasional guests, that answers questions fans send
  2. No Joke Podcast - a comedy podcast (despite the name), form another comedy duo, where the hosts discus various topics, and how they relate to the topics
  3. Sporkful - a food podcasts, yeah I know I ranted about food podcasts. But I mean, who doesn't like food

(Totally Real) Podcasts to Avoid

  1. Slice of life - A pizza related podcasts, where the hosts compete in pizza related trivia, to the death
  2. Punchlines - Despite it's name, this podcast is actually just 3 hours of joke setups, without any of the punchlines. They put out two episodes a day, and three on Sundays. 
  3. Timid Dimwit the Podcast - It's just me reading this blog, new episode every day. I definitely don't suggest it, this blog is awful. Why do people read it (I wrote, knowing that no one does)


Tomorrow we'll talk about diffusing the conflict in Aleppo, and how we can work together to build towards a better, peaceful future. Actually, I'll probably just write about how I don't understand how white-out works.