fake news

I'm late to the game. Again. Everyone has already beaten the dead horse that is fake news. 

Robek.world did it almost a month ago in this post. My friend Alex did it on his blog just yesterday here. Seth Meyers made the joke last night. Hell, even Hillary is talking about it. It's true, I read it in one of her secure emails (Sorry, that joke wrote itself).

The issue isn't that website are spreading fake lies. The internet has been doing that for years. Typing your ATM code backwards doesn't actually call the police. Coca Cola didn't invent Santa Clause (because you can't invent a REAL person that brings me Christmas presents every year). And toilets in Australia don't flush the other direction. The internet lies to you because the internet is made by people (Al Gore wasn't one of those people, that's another internet lie), and people are assholes who like to lie (and those assholes don't get presents from the REAL Santa Clause).

The real issue is that people believe the shit they read on the internet. The first thing my parents told me about the internet is not to believe everything you read. The same way you don't believe  everything you see on TV (especially the pre-election polls)

Don't blame sites like HuffPost and Daily Mail for the same reason that you shouldn't blame channels like Fox News and CNN. 

Blame the people who believe it. Start shunning the people on your friends list who share bullshit news articles. Start calling out people you follow who RT links to sites with no sources. Don't click on adds that show stories from around the web from 'news' sites that are just the rambling opinions of some writer who's only going to tell you one side of the story (unless that link is to this site, in which case, click every time).

If you want news go to your local news channel's site, or do your research when you read articles around the web and check their sources. Keep yourselves informed.

Or just get all your news form timiddimwit.com. I don't tell lies. I tell jokes.