facebook 'live'

A while ago Facebook added a feature where you can livestream anything you're doing straight from your Facebook app or their website. 

As if your Facebook friends aren't annoying enough. First, they give idiots the ability to share every thought that comes into their head. Then they let you share pictures of the shitty food you got at the deli, or the mediocre view your home office has. Then they let us post links to every article or blog post we read. That's fine. But now you can livestream whatever you're doing for anyone to see?

I don't know anyone who does things that are exciting enough for me to want to see videos of their lives, much less watch them do it live. And I've seen people stream some pretty strange things. Eating, just walking around, driving (annoying and dangerous, the big two). 

This sends a bad message. Facebook is catering to our delusions of grandeur. We have to learn that people aren't THAT interested in our lives. We want people to hear our opinions 24/7, but we shouldn't expect people to make it possible for us to do that. We need to grow up, and realize that no one really gives a shit about every thing we do and every thought that pops into our head.

Anyway, make sure you come back to this website every single day so you can read all the other opinions and ideas that I have about meaningless things. And make sure you share this posts with all of your Facebook friends. 

I'm not a hypocrite. I'm a comedian (and honestly I'm not really that either. I'm just a bored child)