dead week

If you're currently in college or ever went to college (or have seen a movie about kids in college) you know what dead week is. 

It's this weird time between getting back to campus after Thanksgiving, and the starts of finals. It's one week long, and it's torture.

I always thought it was an exaggeration. 'Dead week' sounds so serious and scary. There is no way that five days can really be that bad, I thought.  I always just thought that upperclassmen used dead week as sort of an urban legend to scare the freshman.

But I was wrong.

I'm not sure about anyone who lives off of their college campus. But the last two year's that I've lived on campus, dead week has looked like this:

  • Students asleep on benches in the University Center, at like 6 or 7 pm
  • Neighbors that are either crying or screaming from the time they get back from break until the time they start finals
  • Classmates twitching like meth addicts talking about all the work they have to catch up on

and you cant leave out

  • the feeling of dread that you have in your stomach from Monday morning until Saturday night as you constantly check what your GPA is going to be come December 11th

The part they never really talk about though is how painlessly finals weeks goes by though. But that's a post for next week (I'm already running out of ideas, you think I'd give you a twofer today. It's dead week dude, lay off)