election day

Election day is upon us. And everyone is talking about it. 

So let's talk about something else.  

What's up with tuna? You can't eat tuna if you're pregnant. So tuna isn't safe for babies, but it's safe for the rest of us. Some adults still can't eat tuna. Who makes the tuna rules. 

Is there a doctor or maybe a fisherman somewhere in a big office who decides all of these things?  

I know I didn't choose a doctor or fisherman to make decisions for me. 

The way it should work is for everyone to have a voice about who they want to make the tuna rules for them.  

But how would we count who wants which doctor or fisherman? Do we just go by the number of people who choose one or the other? 

That would make sense. It would be weird if we just took the majority for every city or state and gave all of the votes for that place to one fisherman or doctor. Because then not everyone's voice would count.  

Plus what if one of the doctors got all of her rich doctor friends to give her money, so that she could get more people to think she would be a better tuna rule maker.  

Or of one of the fisherman got all the tuna fishers and tuna canners to think that if a doctor made the tuna rule then everyone in the tuna industry would have to give up their fishing poles. 

And what if the fisherman and the doctor were both crazy and no one really wanted with one.  


I guess either way it doesn't matter though. Because the tuna rule maker can only really do one thing. They can only make rules about tuna. And every knows that tuna is high in mercury so some people and all babies shouldn't eat it.  


Weird story. I wish that it was more relevant to what's going on right now, but oh well.