falling back

This is a big week for America. Tomorrow night we will learn who the will lead our country for the next four years. And on Thursday night by neighbor is having a birthday party for his cat. So really exciting stuff  all around.

With all of that going on, it's understandable if you forgot about daylight savings time over the weekend.

That's right, this weekend we fell back.

But did we fall back far enough?

We're still polluting the hell out of our planet. We still have enough weapons to efficiently kill the world population. Our medical system still bankrupts the families of sick children by charging fortunes for the medicine these kids need just to stay alive. We're still being intellectually poisoned by the media during every TV show, movie, radio program, or magazine we touch. We still have to choose between two awful, corrupt, and toxic presidential nominees. And I still haven't figured out what to buy Phil's cat for his birthday on Thursday (cats like yarn right).

So why did we only go back an hour. All that does is make me early for everything for a few days.