As I'm writing this the Eagles are playing the cheeseheads, and at this point I'd be surprised if they can pull through.Every year for the first four games or so the Eagles have a strong start, but it falls apart.

Being an Eagles fan is like going to a casino, walking up to a roulette table, betting $5,000 on 00, and losing. And you do it every year. And I mean it's not the worst thing, it's exciting for a little while, and you get used to the let down. 

But it's time to make some changes. So these are my ideas for the franchise to consider. 

  • Get back those green jerseys, like those 2013 ones, might not help out too much, but c'mon guys

That's actually it. Don't know if it will help but... I guess I don't really know how to turn the team back into a successful franchise. But it looks like I'm not the only one