pop quizzes

So yesterday in class my professor asked us if we wanted to take a pop quiz. Of course not. So he put it to a vote, and of the 23 students, only two of us voted not to take the quiz. That's something I don't exactly understand. Who would vote to do extra work.

I mean if you would have polled the students in that room before the class, I'm sure most would say that they were planning on not voting for a quiz.

Why would the polls be that different than what actually happened. Do you think people were embarrassed to admit that they wanted to take a quiz. Do you think that maybe the people we polled didn't represent some group of people that are really excited about quizzes.

Doesn't everyone know that quizzes are generally a negative thing. I mean no one could like taking quizzes, so why would they vote to take more.

I was just sitting there in shock as I saw the number of people raising their hands for the quiz continue to grow. It was hard to accept defeat when the professor started handing out the quiz. I guess I was in shock.

Anyway, enough of that.

I'm pretty sick of those type of blog posts you see around, like yeah we get it, you were wrong, polls were wrong. It happened. Literally everyone has gotten over it. We all accepted it, so chill okay?