saying bro

So today I was walking down the sidewalk to class, as I do most days. Then comes a longboarder, nearly runs me off the sidewalk, and yells "watch out bro" back at me.

Now I'm pretty used to being almost killed by people on longboards. That's one of the dangerous things you just have to look out for on college campuses (rabid squirrels with knives is another one, but that's a story for another day). But what really confused me was being called bro. I can never tell if someone is calling me bro in a nice way or as an insult. It's like calling someone buddy, it's either super nice or super condescending. 

Bro means brother. It's a term of endearment, not something you yell at the guy who just pulled into your parking spot. It's slowly turning into some weird male insult. The kind of thing where your so nice to someone that you're actually being mean (which by the way is my favorite way to be nice to someone)

So I'm pretty sure in this case it was an insult. But there are plenty of other mean names to call people that aren't as ambiguous. Not going to type them out, because this site is all about that family friendly shit, but you get the point.