game shows

I'll admit it, I love game shows. Something about watching strangers win tons of money then loose it all in an instant is just alot of fun. 

But there are so many game shows out there, too many to list and way too many to watch. There are two cable channels that are just 24/7 game shows. The only solution of this surplus or trivia based entertainment is, more... We need more new game shows, and we need them to be even crazier. So here are a few of the ideas that I have:

  1. Who dis? - This show has a pretty simple premise. The contestant his given a phone number straight out of their cell phone contacts and has to guess who the phone number belongs to. 
  2. Wall of text - This is an interesting game. There is a giant wall of letters, think Wheel of Fortune, and three contestants have to guess which letters are part of the puzzle and which ones aren't. Once all the false letters are removed the wall of text just has a word or phrase left. So q's and z's  are the first ones chosen to be removed, because they are less common. But by the end of the show the puzzle words are crazy abstract words like 'cagamosis' or 'xyloglyphy'
  3. 'Can you dig it" - This on is straight forward. $100,000 is buried in a  giant dirt pile. Seven contestants are given shovels, and only one of them can keep the money

If you want to use any of these you can just go ahead and send me a check for whatever you think is fair (I'm thinking about $50k)