coinstar machines

Yeah, remember those coinstar machines? You give it change and it gives you back less money, but in paper bills instead of coins. 

If the lottery is a tax on stupidity then coinstar machines were basically an instant interest on idiocracy. I get that it's nicer have a few five dollar bills than a jar or quarters, but I have never actually known anyone who accumulated that much loose change.  

As a kid I imagined it as kind of a get rich quick scheme, where you go around and find all of the coins you can laying around on the ground, or picking all the pennies out of a fountain in the mall. Then you go to the supermarket wit your fortune of coins and you get a whole bunch of cash.  

(obviously that didn't work out very well, because here I am writing a blog post about coinstar machines because I saw a tweet about them five months ago)   

I just still wonder what happens to all the coins that people put in the machine?  I guess that's just another one of life's mysteries.  


Or maybe the bank. Yeah I'm pretty sure all the coins go to the bank...