foods people dislike

I've never met anyone that likes to eat pigs feet, but when I worked at a supermarket I would constantly have to restock jars of pickled pig feet. 

Some foods are just awful. Pigs feet, green olives, lamb quesadillas, pickled carrots. But there are people who like them. And on the other hand there are some people who hate great foods.  

It's just strange that some people hate some foods. Is that purely a human thing? 

Are there grizzly bears out there that hate salmon? Are there squirrels that just don't like the taste of acorns?  

My farther had a dog that would eat a whole big mac, then spit out the pickle slices.  

I have a cat that hates cheeze its.   

What would the bear do if it didn't like salmon? Are there grizzly bears that eat strictly no fish diets? 

Yeah, weird day... But the image of an acorn turning up his nose at an acorn should be a good way to start off the weekend.