Okay. Last week I talked about getting a new house or apartment. But at this age you can't just move into a place alone. So you gotta get roommates. 

Now I have roommates already, and they're great, they have indescribable qualities, and I can't imagine being able to list out what better qualities I would look for in roommates.  

But I guess if I had to try:

  • Rich, like not super rich, just rich enough so that they wouldn't mind just giving me money or paying for all the expenses
  • Clean, like spotless. Not just their living space, but all the common space too  
  • Quiet, this goes along with the clean part. Ideally I'd love to just forget that there are other people living there 
  • Healthy, I mean I do not care about their well being but it would be nice if there were like healthy foods and snacks laying around that I could eat   
  • Left handed. I shouldn't have to explain that  
  • Rich. I mentioned this earlier, but I just want to make sure I get the point across   

So yeah. That's like the tip of the iceberg as they say. If you are looking for a place to move in (but not spend any time there) and you meet these criteria, or you know someone who does let me know, like email or comment here. I'll need first month's rent and also a year's worth of my portion of the rent as well, both upfront.