Vine is getting shut down (heard it year first...). All the vine fans out there are pretty upset. And the other 99% of people don't know what the hell vine was or why it's getting shut down anyway.

But this is a big deal. For those who didn't know vine was like youtube for people with ADHD. And it changed the way we watched comedy online. Instead of five minute videos of cats playing with tennis balls, you can watch 50 six second videos of cats playing with tennis balls. And that's pretty special.

And sure, other social media content sharing sites will come around. But vine was kinda special, because it was so easy. Anyone could do it. You didn't need camera, microphones, editing software (but it did help). All you needed was your phone and a good idea. 

We had some many people who found out they could entertain huge audiences who would have never found their talent if it wasn't for vine. But we also had way more people who made stupid videos who we never would have had to deal with if it wasn't for vine.

So if you dream was to be vine famous, and you hadn't gotten there yet. That's a shame.