Sometimes you have to get out and go for a hike. Walk around a little outside. Get some sun. Talk to new people. Unless you're a socially functioning human being, in which case you do all those things everyday.

Why does everyone get obsessed with going hiking at the end of summer and these early weeks of fall. 

Who wakes up in the morning and decides to do their who week of walking in one day. If you want to go have some scenery go camping or have a picnic. That way you can take in the sights and enjoy the view, not just walk past it. 

People say all summer that they're going to be active this year, and they'll go out and go hiking, maybe camping, kayaking, rock climbing. But come September, they've binge watched four shows and called in sick to work so they could sleep in a few times. So every year, on the last warm weekend of the fall, everyone decides to go for a hike, and pretend that they've been active the whole year.

And that hike always turns out the same way,

an hour getting ready and driving,

five minutes looking at the trail map even though you won't need to,

twenty minutes hiking and enjoying the scenery,

an hour and a half of looking down at your feet as you walk three miles,

15 seconds of panic as you realize you're lost because five minutes wasn't long enough to learn the trail map,

two hours hiking what you think is the right way while arguing with whoever convinced you to go on a hike with them,

an hour driving home,

four months bragging to your friends about how long of a hike you went on that one time.