It's fall now. Not the pumpkin spice lattes, instagram pictures of changing leaves, and new iphone part of fall. It's the bad weather, wind in your face, idiots going around saying 'autumn' part of fall. 

This is the part of fall where all your friends start staying in for midterms instead  of going out. 

It's time for all of your facebook friends to share about how everyone needs to vote for that candidate they support, then get in pathetic flame wars with anyone who likes the other candidate.

It's time to go out to a coffee shop to do some studying, because that's the only way you could convince your friends to go out, so that you can pay $8 to burn your tongue on watered down chai tea.

We're in the part of the season where the leaves have already turned brown, fallen off the trees, gotten wet, and now stick to anything they touch. That way you can't go anywhere without getting leaves all over the floor. 

This is the part of fall where the real TV turns comes back on, which means you're not going to be doing any of that studying, because if all your friends watch "The Good Place" tonight and you don't then what will you talk about tomorrow?

It's time to buy a pumpkin and bags of candy so that you can let a pumpkin rot on your porch while you slowly eat all the candy, leaving enough for half the neighbor kids by the time Halloween actually gets here.

Speaking of Halloween, now you're pressured into enjoying a holiday that you haven't really cared about in ten years.

So it's time to unpack that big winter coat, fix your car's heater, and find some comfortable boots, because before you know it you'll be doing cramming for finals and last minute Christmas shopping, because fall is really just the disgusting pallet cleanser getting you ready for the entre of cold soup that winter has to offer