There is something that has been bothering me lately, and I really need to get it out there. Right? So I apologize for getting into this rant, but it has to be said. 


What the hell guys. This is 2016. We have indoor plumbing. We're going to mars. Our presidential election is basically two trolls fighting over a bridge to live under. Why are we still using paper napkins to clean our hands.

Paper napkins have been around since 1887. That's longer than we've had cereal. There has to be a better way.

We got tired of stairs so we built escalators. We got tired of walking so we made cars. We got tired of having a responsible political system, so we elected Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as presidential candidates. We are a society that makes change. Why are we stuck in this towlette world.

And speaking of stuck in the past. Did you know we've been using straws almost just as long. 1888 was the last time we've had a non-swirly upgrade to straws. And paperclips have been around since 1899.

We as a country need to get off of our asses.

We need to work towards a brighter future.

We can be stronger together. We can make this nation great again. (shit, those trolls really ruined those slogans)