Like I said, it's Halloween now. If you're going out in a costume then by now you've picked it out, bought (or made it, if you think you're THAT much better than anyone else), coordinated with your friends, and picked out what parties you're going to.

And if you still have no idea what costume you're going as, you messed up man. Bad. What are you doing?

This is the one day of the year that most of us are allowed to dress up, unless you go to conventions, or you just walk around you room in jedi robes (seriously Michael, what the hell is up with those robes).

And picking a costume is tough.

You can't really do pop culture references anymore, because either you go too obscure and for every two people who understands it and totally loves it there will be three people who constantly ask you what you're supposed to be, or you go too popular and end up as one of the 30 Rick Grimes walking down the street.

If you don't put much thought into it, you'll just look lazy. Put if you put too much thought in it you'll just look a freak. Why did you spend so much time trying to look like Lil Wayne (are those real face tattoos? Ethan you're going to be an elementary school teacher) 

So just pick something easy, a doctor, a ghost, or a bird watcher.


Also, don't do the whole overly scary costume thing. It's weird. It's scary, and not in the way you’re going for. Stop. Please.