scary movies

Whoo, halloween is here. And it's a Monday. Which sucks.

What also sucks is that today is hardly Halloween. It's basically just another sad Monday. We did all the costumes, and the parties. Today is just October 31st.

So instead of going out for the fourth day in a row and treating today like a holiday, stay home and watch scary movies treating today like every other day of the year. 

And watching scary movies is really the only part of Halloween we can celebrate today. So lean into it, eat all that candy you saved for today in case some kids came by trick or treating, and binge watch all seven Saw movies.

Now remember, watch these movies alone. Not because you're tough enough to watch a scary movie alone, but because you don't want anyone to see how scared you get. Also once the sun sets, it's time to switch to new episodes of something more light hearted, you're tough, but you're not that tough.

So happy "halloween", today may only be a half holiday, but tomorrow will just be another boring Tuesday